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A Dose For Bloating

230 reviews
Sale price$12.00

Formulated to beat bloating quickly and give rapid gas relief - just take two and away you go.

No more uncomfortable meals, no more lying on the floor with your knees to your chest. Bloating has met it's match in the form of some tiny little pills.

Take before a meal to prevent bloating or after to ease it ✌️

Packed with 1 Billion Probiotics, 6 Digestive Enzymes and 7 Plant Extracts

Size:Blister Pack (20 capsules)




Take 2 Capsules
When Needed

Natural relief for natural issues.

Our natural remedy works rapidly to eliminate bloating - quickly ⚡️

Our unique blend of digestive enzymes, plants, herbs and probiotics work together to soothe your gut, reduce gas production and helps eliminate bloated tummies. With clinically proven probiotics that are IBS and sensitive tum friendly.

Powerful bloat-fighting ingredients

probiotic strains to help stop bloating and gas relief

1 Billion Probiotics

Boasting 3 strains of probiotics and 1 Billion of them - clinically proven to be IBS and sensitive tum friendly

Vegan             Relieves gas             Reduces discomfort             Made in the UK             Fast Acting             NO additives             Rapid Relief             Non-Gmo            Natural Remedies           IBS Friendly           
how to get rid of bloating, gas relief for painful bloated stomach quickly and naturally

But what even is bloating?

Bloating is where your belly feels tight, full or even painful, as if you’ve eaten a very large meal (with no room left for more!). Your belly may appear larger or more swollen, and being bloated can sometimes feel uncomfortable and painful.

You might experience more burping (soz!) or trapped gas.

natural bloating relief supplement for gas relief and pain with probiotics and digestive enzymes

It's Built Different

We work, fast. Truth be told, that's our primary focus - making products that give you natural, instant relief and get you back to being yourself.

What they're saying      

Quick Relief

I was at an event and thankfully i brought these along - within half an hour of taking them that feeling of my stomach being about to explode had completely eased!!


A Life Saver

I suffer with IBS and bloat from anything! I take this before having a large filling meal or before eating dairy, which is a trigger for me, and wow it's brilliant.


It works!

I’ve suffered with bloating for YEARS. Since I’ve been using this stuff I finally have a flat stomach again! Feels amazing to feel so light! Can’t recommend it enough.


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20 Sep 2022
Glynis s.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


As a person who has coeliac disease I suffer with a lot of bloating which can be very uncomfortable at times! I've only been taking this for a few days but I'm so impressed how quick it actually works I've tried many other products but this is by far the best.

20 Sep 2022
Z M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Miracle Capsule

Saw immediate results after taking one tablet 5 mins before every meal. Within days I appear to have slimmed down around waist area. Some thought I had lost weight. I can whatever I like without worrying, pain and bloatedness. I highly recommend this capsule. Not found anything like it before and I have been trying for years.

17 Sep 2022
Victoria C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Beat The Bloat!

Wow!! What can I say. An advert for these popped up on my IG feed, and I must say I was very sceptical at first, but was intrigued to try them. At a bargain price I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give them a go. As a serial Diet Coke drinker, and a girl who loves a carb, I do tend to suffer with bloating. Yet after 30 mins of taking 1 pill I couldn’t believe the difference. I’m completely obsessed, just ordered the larger bottle after nearly completing my trial pack. Honestly my stomach has never been so flat, I also found they were extremely helpful for period bloating too. So double whammy! Can’t recommend them enough for when you need instant bloat relief! Thank you ��

15 Sep 2022
Pauline M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


When I purchased these tablets I thought bet it will be a waste of money again as I’d recently spent £80 for two months supply of probiotics and digestive enzymes as the company raves about them and they didn’t do anything a waste of money then I received tablets from wild-dose and WOW WOW WOW they’re amazing they relieve my bloating within ten minutes I’ve just signed up to subscribe monthly as now I’ve found them don’t ever want to be without them as I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on trying to find something to ease my bloating and now I’ve found it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

13 Sep 2022
vivienne s.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

It works well for me..

Tried all sorts without success..these capsules DO help..delivered quickly.

pharmaceutical bloating relief product like rennie, gaviscon and wind settlers

We’re Saying F U to Big Pharma

For too long big pharmaceutical companies have put profits before people & our planet. That’s why we’re working towards being the first UK company to use 100% biodegradable blister packs (big Pharma companies could do this now–but they choose not to).

You can currently recycle our blister packs through Superdrug stores,
follow the link below to find your nearest recycling point!

Our aim, with your support is to get the volumes we need to introduce biodegradable blister packs and makes the big companies follow our lead. We are a small business with big ambitions.

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