It started with a bloated tummy and the question "why" 🤔

I bloat. I bloat pretty often in fact. It leaves me wanting to cancel plans and stay at home, which is not fun and certainly not how I want to ✨feel✨. I think you’ll agree there’s been quite enough of staying at home already over the recent years. I could go on about all the things that make me bloat but that would be boring. What’s important is that I discovered there are a lot of people out there who, like me, suffer with bloating.I wondered why, when so many people bloat, is there not something you could take that would eliminate bloating quickly.

I wondered, if it’s such a common issue, why does nothing exist to solve bloating quickly?

I wondered why the only supplements available ones you have to take for 60-90 days and it may or may not work. It will also probably cost you a lot of money.

I wondered why natural remedies were used but not together - every one I spoke to used ginger tea, or peppermint capsules, or liquorice root, or digestive enzymes...

Why is there not something that is affordable, natural and quick?

Why was there nothing that would work like an aspirin for a headache?

A Wild Start

So I ran with the idea, I contacted a formulation specialist to make the strongest natural, multi-purpose bloating and gas relief remedy there was. 

And... we did it - it sounds simple when I write it like this, but it took ages. Nearly a year in fact. 

I had already started telling people, and somehow, before we even launched - we had over 1,500 people on our waitlist 🤯

I guess I wasn't the only one who needed this. 

Charles ✌️