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Whenever you need - before a big meal, on-the-go, when you’re bloated or when it’s your time of the month.

Wild Dose is a natural remedy for bloating & gas relief that works quickly. If you bloat regularly, take them before meals - if you bloat once in a while, take them whenever you need them!

Anyone! If you suffer from bloating regularly or not. The formulation is made to eliminate bloating quickly. The ingredients are IBS friendly (low formal and proven friendly probiotics). Wild Dose is a natural remedy alternative to the chemicals in the at-home medicine cabinet. It's suitable for all and you only take it when you need!

Yes! Our products are always gluten free to make sure as many people can take it as possible

Only the intended one - to provide gas relief and debloat you naturally and quickly. However, if you are planning to take with medication or see and feel any unwanted side effects please consult your doctor.

A unique blend of natural ingredients work together to reduce gas production and ease gut inflammation to help with gas relief.

Seven plant extracts, six digestive enzymes and four strains of probiotics go together to create an unrivalled natural formula that stops bloating quickly.

Yes! All our products are vegan - we believe in making our products as accessible as possible, including dietary accessability.

You can take up to 6 capsules a day and use it daily if needed. You can take it both proactively to prevent bloating, as well as when you find yourself already bloated.


Subscriptions are delivered every other month. You’ll get 15% off every subscription order, and you’ll never be out of stock! It's great for those who bloat regularly.


Shipping costs £2 to the UK and British Isles - as well as a next day rate of £5.

Free shipping is available for orders of £30 or over

The above prices are for the UK only – for shipping to other destinations, cost is calculated at checkout.

Of course! When you're bloated you need help ASAP!

In the UK we can offer next day shipping!

We deliver world wide. While we are a UK based company, bloating is a global issue!

If we don't have your country as a shipping option at checkout just ask us to add it by emailing


We accept returns within 14 days of purchase, however unfortunately we cannot offer refunds in cases where the product has been opened.

Contact us at and we will be able to help you process your return!

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